Battles within

I am in no mood and in no motivation to work, or to live. This is a phase, emotionally which is tough, seems like my world has ended and the sky has fallen and that I have nothing to live for.

Thoughts like these and state of mind like this can ruin anyone, and today I find myself in a battle with them, once again.

There’s a hole in my chest through which pain pours in, pain that takes the will to live away from me.

This does not mean I am tempted to die, this feeling just makes me want to go away.

Dissolve is the word, vaporize is the verb.

I wish I was a waterfall manifesting in a dense forest, flowing out, opposing the inward flow of pain within.

A waterfall that is joyous, happy, giving, alone, content.

For if I have to live away from you, then I would want to be nothing but such a waterfall.

“Without you,

I am an airplane with no wings

A sea plane with no sea

A bike with no handlebars or wheels..

Without you

I am a bird with no beak

A flower with no seeds

A ground with no trees

Without you

The clouds won’t be the same

I would feel dry when it rains

All my smiles will bring me pain

Without you

The Sunset won’t be a spectacle

The Sunrise won’t be a miracle

Everything in between the two, will be a long, still night.

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