Love is a Sales Woman

Standing tall…Rock solid

I was once Pure solid

No movements…No flex

I was convinced I would forever be still

Rivers tried to make me soft

Rain drops fell on my skin so strong

Mountains used diamond drills

None could make me change my will

Molten lava silently creeped up to me

I blew it away thanking it for the company

None could make me move a bit

I was convinced I would forever be still

Then she came

Her name was love

She looked in my eyes

And made me blink

While my eyelids moved

I was still still

Ignoring her I went back to being

Unmoved by anything, Mr.Still

Surprised I woke up

Wanting to blink again

The sight of her eyesight

Left a hint of craving within

When mighty nature itself could not make me Bend my knee

Here was this tiny human, Making me weak in my knees

She sold me hope

She sold me feelings

She sold me the desire to keep hustling

No more did I want to be still

No more did I listen to my will

She must be nature’s sales woman

Selling greatest power call love

I have become her loyal customer

She’s a saleswoman selling love..

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