i, a lover Reborn.

Picking up pieces 
like verses from broken songs
withering daisies 
losing hope, knowing they will be gone

Dying freshness
like on death bed, of a pale old monk 
Withering sunflowers
losing sunshine, knowing they will be gone

A cracked glassware
waiting to be broken and torn,
I hung by a thin thread tied to a sharp edge
losing faith, knowing i will be gone.

Like there is eternal silence
before a storm
Everything precious in my life was dying
their silent pain preceding the death of my dawn 

the day had come, 
it was a dark night as and when i jumped  to death
giving up on life, not wishing to live anymore
it took me a nano second to make my life end

what happened soon after
was nothing but pitch black
no pain no sensation, 
deadly blankness at me just simply stared

While the world thought
i had killed them by deserting them
and my baby, my Iris,
was also almost already dead;
as the world thought i was selfish
living for myself, 
i was actually fighting a battle 
of my own life and death

The jump didn't hurt me
surprised i was as much as you are
forget about killing me,
the jump offered me another chance

like rising sun, and the twilight before,
my eyes opened as my body laid on the road
i got up, and checked my hands, legs and nose
everything was in a perfect piece, telling me i would still go on.

never ever had i thought before
that i would be where i was that night
scared of my own self for repeating the same mistake, 
i ran again from myself trying to save my soul, my mind and my head.

My baby, she was away and lonely on her own quest,
i had nowhere else to go, but until she came back
i ran and ran and ran again,
from the world, from myself, and from a repeted potential self inflicted death

like zombied frankestien, i was a body, nothing rest
awaiting my baby to return for she had the heart that would fit  perfectly in my chest
only then would i be really myself again, i knew
so i ran back in circles waiting for her plane to land. 

today as i write this, 
you know alive is my hand
nature has this stern rule of life, 
where the dead is not allowed to come back

and yet i am here, having fought all odds,
trying to reclaim my place, a palace of cardboard  box
have i defied nature? or has nature broken its own law?
i know your love has protected me goddess iris,  i was and i am, your lover reborn.

Her Bed’s cold.

She escaped,

Flew away,

With a dream

A step away

Unknown to her

Slaying cold

Washed away

All her gold

Now she lay

Clothed in bed

Naked and cold

Naked but Clothed

That’s how cold

My summer girl feels

She grew up in sun battling heat

World’s apart

She battles cold

The least I could do

Is warm her bed, and defeat the cold.

Once upon a ‘Kerela Coffee’

Good Morning ‘Mumbai’!!!!

Kasa Kay? Bara aahes?

The sun isn’t shining

The weather is weird

The sky is cloudy

When You are not near

Love is like Acid

The one you trip on

Your are that handle

I would love to grab on

To hold you and kiss you

From a distance of miles

I pour a cup of Kerela Coffee

In every sip I drink your smile

To hold you and kiss you

To the North I will fly

Will bring aromas of Kerela coffee

On the wings of butterfly!

Floods of Hurt

Once upon a time,

Words didn’t rhyme.

I have lost myself

Never to find

How did this happen?

Loosing my mind.

Drowned in sorrow

There’s no tomorrow

Sinking everything

If heart was a bone, pain is marrow.

You are right to see,

How badly I did

Breaking you in pieces

It was wrong of me.

That crime is heinous

I deserve jail

I deserve a lot of punishment

My heart has failed.

From waking up to your kisses,

I am waking up to your hatred

And it’s nothing wrong

As you are simply returning the favour.

You failed to see my love in what I did

And doing that you showed me my value,

I have to blow and sip on the tea; careful,

Or else there will be no tongue; unburned.

I am sorry for I broke you

But I was just trying to show you the truth

You thought of me as a jerk

Forgetting all that we have worked for.

But it’s nothing wrong,

As you just returned the favour

I deserve this pain of drowning

Floods of hurt would actually be a favour.

I have learnt my lessons,

And I will never hurt you again

But if loving you hurts you,

Do you want me to halt my love train?

I love you, but I am poor

I will be rich, but have to pay my dues first

Dues in suffering, and in hurt and pain

Floods of hurt, are actually a favour.

Yes I love you, more than anything and anyone,

But all it takes for you to judge me,

Is one call, one word, one mistake, one error..

I said I am sorry,

Didn’t know where to take my hurt

Today I am okay

As I am taking the pain down with the flood.

I have lost my heart,

And I feel the emptiness in my chest

I am sure it’s lying somewhere in a dustbin

It’s now worst what was once the best.

I was a fool,

to be open to you

Little did I realise

I should have gently loved you .

Broken heart,

broken home,

broken will,

but we still go on

Thanks to you,

your love is accessible

The one I saved as a fixed deposit

From a time everything was lovable.

I love you,

And am grateful for your love,

I am sorry I dragged you

In my flood of hurt.

Forgive me if you can,

I won’t force it on you anymore.

I am sorry I could not give you the life

You always deserved.

Wish you the best

Better than the rest

Life is a test

A beautiful fest

Glad I could meet you,

Now I know love,

I will forever remember you,

Only for your love.

I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.

“Days like today”

Babe, good morning!

You wanted to wake up to a poem,

I prefer waking up to you.

Here Is what you wished for,

Hoping my wish would come true soon.

From the starting of the week

I would kiss you on your cheeks

And it’s a good day…

I would bake you eggs and toast

It’s a lovely day to host

And it’s a good day…

I would kiss you on the head

And then snug you on the bed

And it’s just your day…

We would just lay on the bed

From gorgeous morning to sunset

And it’s just love ways…

Beyond the farthest corners of this reality

Beyond the kingdoms of humanity

Beyond the sense of existence

Beyond the rhyme of ecstasy

I’ve got this soothing tune

It will take us to the moon

And we would dance on…

Floating high up in the space

We travel cosmos up in gaze

And we would fly on…

And then we would find our home

A bed of twinkle,Roof of stars above

And we would live on…

To the last of our breaths

And to the first of our deaths

We would dream on..

Beyond the farthest corners of this reality

Beyond the kingdoms of humanity

Beyond the sense of existence

Beyond the rhyme of ecstasy

It’s you and me

Forever to be

Travelling galaxies

We were meant to be.

Good morning to a dream girl in Denmark…

“When Mumbai lost it’s heart to Aarhus, Here without you, Mumbai is To-Let”

Cravings I pluck

Red roses Scent of Musk

Hanging legs

Over promenade

Here without you

Sun refuses Dusk

Now the Sun don’t set

Arabian sea don’t wet

The clouds don’t fly

And Mumbai don’t sweat

Cravings I collect

From abundance I select

Dry footprints

On the shoreline

Here without you

Marine drive is To-Let

Now love birds won’t love

And the cops won’t shoo

High waves won’t splash

Nobody would morning walk too

Nothing is same

Yet nothing has changed

City of dreams

Awaits the landing of your Plane

“Grab a bite of the sun in Aarhus”

Greetings to my Queen, for her first Morning!

The Sun
Has risen
So high
It blossoms

Hung in between
Set and Rise
It radiates brilliance
For you it shines

It’s the same sun
That is over my head
The sun that is going to greet you
The best morning you ever had

We are not away,
No, not us

The Magnificent Sun connects us,
And keeps us close

And if in the northern winter
You find yourself cold..
You grab a bite
Of the sun in Aarhus

I will trace your bite marks on the sun
And etch it like a tattoo on myself

For you are my universe
My sun is inside you
My world my soul,
They reside deep inside you

The Sun
Has risen
So high
It blossoms

It’s the same sun
That is over my head
The sun that is going to greet you
The best morning you ever had

We are not away,
No, not us

The Magnificent Sun connects us,
And keeps us close

And if in the northern winter
You find yourself cold

You grab a bite
Of the sun in Aarhus!

Lover’s Block!

Two weeks 
plus one day,
You will be gone

I was to write,
verses hundred
before you flew
far and away one day.

Could write nothing
as if stuck in quick sand
Letting love go is like
Waves parting ways with bandstand.

I will still love you
dry, parched or dead
You are the beats
my heart never had.

Tears flood,
on missing chances of building life with her
We could have been together
only if i had listened to her

Every morning i wake up
i feel her hair on my face
She will be long gone soon
Yet i would wake up drenched in her trace.

A Pain that’s Welcome

Like a wave it rises,

Small and tiny at first

Soothing it sounds

Love is mirth

With closure it hits you

Like a refreshing splash

You wish to lay in the ocean forever

Swim in the ocean of love

With news of distance

Comes wave of Tsunami

The ocean is now roaring

Engulfs me in it’s core

Without love I don’t want to be on land

I will rather rest in the deepest trench

In solitude I will romance her memories

Without her I just don’t wish to live

The pain of love

Is a sign of true love

Anything from this love

Is purely welcome

The pain of this love

Is the sign of pure love

Everything of real love

Is purely welcome.