Floods of Hurt

Once upon a time,

Words didn’t rhyme.

I have lost myself

Never to find

How did this happen?

Loosing my mind.

Drowned in sorrow

There’s no tomorrow

Sinking everything

If heart was a bone, pain is marrow.

You are right to see,

How badly I did

Breaking you in pieces

It was wrong of me.

That crime is heinous

I deserve jail

I deserve a lot of punishment

My heart has failed.

From waking up to your kisses,

I am waking up to your hatred

And it’s nothing wrong

As you are simply returning the favour.

You failed to see my love in what I did

And doing that you showed me my value,

I have to blow and sip on the tea; careful,

Or else there will be no tongue; unburned.

I am sorry for I broke you

But I was just trying to show you the truth

You thought of me as a jerk

Forgetting all that we have worked for.

But it’s nothing wrong,

As you just returned the favour

I deserve this pain of drowning

Floods of hurt would actually be a favour.

I have learnt my lessons,

And I will never hurt you again

But if loving you hurts you,

Do you want me to halt my love train?

I love you, but I am poor

I will be rich, but have to pay my dues first

Dues in suffering, and in hurt and pain

Floods of hurt, are actually a favour.

Yes I love you, more than anything and anyone,

But all it takes for you to judge me,

Is one call, one word, one mistake, one error..

I said I am sorry,

Didn’t know where to take my hurt

Today I am okay

As I am taking the pain down with the flood.

I have lost my heart,

And I feel the emptiness in my chest

I am sure it’s lying somewhere in a dustbin

It’s now worst what was once the best.

I was a fool,

to be open to you

Little did I realise

I should have gently loved you .

Broken heart,

broken home,

broken will,

but we still go on

Thanks to you,

your love is accessible

The one I saved as a fixed deposit

From a time everything was lovable.

I love you,

And am grateful for your love,

I am sorry I dragged you

In my flood of hurt.

Forgive me if you can,

I won’t force it on you anymore.

I am sorry I could not give you the life

You always deserved.

Wish you the best

Better than the rest

Life is a test

A beautiful fest

Glad I could meet you,

Now I know love,

I will forever remember you,

Only for your love.

I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.

“When Mumbai lost it’s heart to Aarhus, Here without you, Mumbai is To-Let”

Cravings I pluck

Red roses Scent of Musk

Hanging legs

Over promenade

Here without you

Sun refuses Dusk

Now the Sun don’t set

Arabian sea don’t wet

The clouds don’t fly

And Mumbai don’t sweat

Cravings I collect

From abundance I select

Dry footprints

On the shoreline

Here without you

Marine drive is To-Let

Now love birds won’t love

And the cops won’t shoo

High waves won’t splash

Nobody would morning walk too

Nothing is same

Yet nothing has changed

City of dreams

Awaits the landing of your Plane

Why have I started this Blog?

Love has been the greatest of all desires. Since ages, man and woman have fought for their love interests. Some fought for the woman they loved, some for the men. Many fought for their love for their mother land. I have had my share of battles. Battles I fought for my love. My love that was randomly cheated upon. My love that I handled carelessly. My love that never got it’s love back…only until I met this lovely girl who could love me back.

It’s been more than a thousand days, and I am still in love with this girl. She is my best friend. She is my company to the doctor. She is my movie going friend. She is my beer buddy. She is my GoT friend. She is my Avengers friend. She is my horror movie friend. She is my travel buddy. She is my co explorer. She is my Road trip buddy. She is my queen. She is my girlfriend. She is is my guide. You get the gist. Now this girl is leaving to another country, and it’s bugging me right left and center, and up down and middle. She was the only one I could manage to hang out with. I have no good friends otherwise. What would I do when she is gone ?

What bugs me more is that I only have a 100 days left before she finally takes off, probably to never come back. How will I love without her? This, my friend, is the greatest test of love. And I have finally reached this phase.

Day by day as I inch closer to the day we depart, I cannot stop to wonder and ask myslef how much love have I not expressed yet to her?

And so, to reduce the intensity of my pain and to express my love in lieu of channeling my emotions, I write this Blog .

She loves when I write her a poetry. Earlier I used to send her the poems I wrote for her through emails, hand written letters, text messages, digital posters, etc.

But that makes it a lot of poems un-segregated.

Here, I can share what I feel with the world, on a log, called a blog, that will stay for eternity, at an access of her finger tips. I don’t know if she would still love me when we are away. I don’t know if I would be able to bear the pain of our separation. I don’t know if she would still be mine or move for the sake of getting rid of her pain of being away from me.

Nothing is certain, other than this moment, where I know I have learnt to love her unconditionally.

So knowing these are my final, last 100 days with her, I will try, with my heart mind and soul, to make it all special for her, through what she likes the most, poems.