“Everything is you, but not fear”

The world is big
And is new
It’s seems strange
And scary too

You might wish
For a corner or two
And hide your face
Shedding tears too

But all that grief
Vanishes as you believe
The truth of progeny
Mother nature is unity

What was here
Is better there
Mumbai sucks
Aarhus has better air

Breathe some for me
And get fair
Bring me my love back
With the air

My love finds you
With every such passing breeze
It will find you
In the humming of bees
In the hustling of trees
In the rattle of leaves
In the sprouting of seeds

In the nation of the heaven
Of the Vikings and their treasure
Eagle has landed;
She is my soldier

Her foot prints etch earth
Glistening skin match mirth
Vibrant eyes water pure
And her smiles, pure lure..

I feel I am swaying
To the tune of her love
The world is new and so is us
Let’s make it better by starting it with us.

Always a key to your heart šŸ’“

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